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T1000 Scooter T1000 Scooter T1000 Scooter T1000 Scooter T1000 Scooter T1000 Scooter
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T1000 Pro Scooter

T1000 Scooter

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The pleasure of getting around

  • Autonomy up to 25km
  • Rear disc and front electronic braking
  • 10" wheels

    Color: Black

    Features of the T1000

    Autonomy up to 25 km

    17 kg

    10" wheels

    Discover the T1000, our electric scooter offering a comfortable ride, ideal for all your trips in town.

    The perfect ally for your trips up to 25km

    The T1000 has 10" wheels that will allow you to get : 


    - A comfortable ride: The 10" inflatable wheels absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a pleasant ride.


    -Better grip: A larger contact area with the road improves the grip and stability of your scooter.


    -Durability: 10" wheels are wear resistant   

    Code lock


    The T1000 has a customizable two-digit code lock for added protection against theft.

    A more than mastered braking

    The T1000 is equipped with an optimal braking system.

    Its rear disc brake provides safe braking.

    The front electronic brake ensures a soft braking.

    Our services

    You need to repair or change a part on your scooter?

    You can easily order certain parts of your scooter to replace them when they are too worn or broken. You will also find tutorials associated with each part to guide you in their replacement.

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    Main specifications
    Charge maximale
    IPxx protection class
    IPX5 Protected against small jets of water
    16,5 kg
    Maximum power
    460 W
    Nominal power
    300 W
    Wheels size
    Rear disc brake - LED screen - bell - LED headlights front/rear
    LED headlights front/rear
    Package Contents
    1 scooter, 1 mains charger, 1 manual
    Battery Features
    25 km max
    36 V - 6400 mAh
    Batterie (Wh)