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Electric scooters can be used in urban areas for everyday travel. In France, electric scooters are considered to be two-wheeled vehicles and must be used on cycle paths and roads under 50 km/h. You must dismount your vehicle when crossing a pavement. It is important to check local rules regarding the use of electric scooters in your area.

Wispeed scooters are designed to last as long as possible. With each new range we strive to reduce our ecological and societal impact by being even more ingenious! Since our inception, we have excluded heavy metals such as cadmium, nickel and lead from our batteries (Directive 2006/66/EC) and ensured that they are over 50% recyclable. We also give them a second life, by reconditioning most of their components still in working order!

Since 25 October 2019, the legislation requires all drivers of motorised vehicles to be insured, at least with a "Civil Liability" cover. We offer the Wispeed by AXA insurance, at the price of 4,99€/month TTC. This will cover bodily injury and material damage caused to others, so that you are exempt from economic consequences. You can also choose the all-in-one insurance at 8,99€, the most competitive of the market!

Plug the charger into the scooter's charging port. Most scooters have a way of indicating that they are charging. For example, on Wispeed electric scooters, a red light on the scooter or charger will come on, indicating that the scooter is charging. When the light changes to green the charge is complete! Charging times may vary depending on the model and battery capacity.

Yes, it is possible to carry objects on your electric scooter, but it is essential that they are securely fastened to avoid any risk of injury or falling objects on cycle paths and roads. Use a backpack or shoulder bag to stay safe!

All approved electric scooters have a maximum speed of 25 km/h to comply with current legislation. Riding an unbridled model on the public highway at more than 25 km/h could result in a fine of up to €1500.

If you have any questions about your electric scooter, electric bike or any other Wispeed product, you can contact our After Sales Service directly by e-mail by clicking on this link